An investor invited me to Rundit, what are the reporting steps?

This article demonstrates the steps to take when an investor has invited you to Rundit

Once you have signed up to Rundit and entered the platform:

1. On the left side bar, click "Investors" and make sure you are connected to the investor that invited you. The name of the investor will show up on this page. You can invite other investors and create different investor groups in order to control the visibility of each group (settings -> investor permissions). 

2. Make sure your company details are correct by navigating to "Profile" page. Your investor might have filled the details out already, but if not, start by filling in the basic information. Add founder & management profiles to present your company members.

3. Fill in the metrics on "Metrics" page. The template is set by your investor. You can either fill out the cells manually or use Google Sheet integration (recommended). Check from your investors whether they want you to report monthly or quarterly. 

4. Navigate to "Reports" page to create an investor report on the and add the updated Metric Table there as a chart/ table. The template is created by your investor.

5. In the "Setting" page, you can set the automatic reminders frequency (user settings tab).

Find more specific information on each section here.

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