I'm a company user, how to compose a new report for my investors?

If you're a company user, learn how to compose a new report for your investors with step-by-step


We highly recommend updating your metrics table first (metrics page), you can then attach the updated metrics table/ chart to the investor report. You can add values to metrics table either manually simply by typing figures to the table cells or by integrating a Google Sheet.

To compose a new report:

1. From the left bar menu, navigating to Report > click New report button


2. Choose the correct time period for your report. 


3. The template has been created by your investor(s). Write an update on each requested category. 

Hover over headline sections and click the plus icon to add an image, a metrics table or a chart.


4. Last but not least, you can Save as draft, Add attachments, Publish or Delete the report.


  • The report is automatically saved as draft as long as you are connected to the internet. 
  • You can clone or edit draft or published report.
  • Report author: name of the team member who created the report. Cannot be edited.
  • Please do not work on the report simultaneously with your teammates to make sure your writings won't go lost.