As a company user, how can I integrate or import metrics from Google spreadsheets?

How to integrate or import metrics from Google spreadsheets for company user.

To integrate or import metrics from Google spreadsheets:

  • From the left navigation bar, go to Metrics
  • Start the import by either:
    • Click on the three dots at the end of each metrics > choose Import


    • Click on the button “Import from Google Sheets”

  • Sign in to your Google account 
  • Select spreadsheet & choose a sheet to import data


  • Make sure your Excel file is converted into a Google Sheet file (Rundit does not read regular Excel files) and follows the metric template.

Please follow the instructions when importing data from Google sheet:

  • When inserting historic metrics data, use only full values, not abbreviations. For example, don't use 1 K or 1 M, use 1000 or 1000000.
  • Don't write dots or commas in between numbers unless they indicate actual decimals
  • If a metric's unit is a percentage, don't use percentage formatting, just a standard number 5 or 45,45 for example.
  • When importing monthly values, the dates have to be in a date format (when double clicking a date, a small calendar pops up)
  • When aiming to sync both quarters and years, make sure the structure of the date row is this: Q12021, Q2021, Q32021, Q42021, Y2021, Q12022… The reporting periods have to be chronologically in order from left to right.