Capital Allocation - Where is each data point being pulled from and how to update the data?

Learn where the capital allocation dashboards pull the data from and how to update each data point


In order to view Capital Allocation dashboards, you must be a VC admin or a VC member.

  • Navigate to the left side menu and select Capital allocation. Capital allocation gives you insights on total investment amount per company, industry, stage, label, country and co-investors. You will also be able to view the breakdown of initial vs. Follow On investments and FX Split. 
    • Country tags are pulled from each portfolio company profile (if the company has no users, you can edit the details by navigating to the company profile -> about -> edit). Please note that if the actual portfolio company member has claimed the company profile and is using Rundit, you're not able to edit the company details, only the company members can. 
    • Stage refers to funding round types you’ve aligned when adding funding round details for investment transactions. The data about co-investors is also pulled from the funding round details. Learn How to edit valuation updates and funding round details.

  • The data for industries and labels come from the Portfolio Companies page. 


Read more about how to add a label to a portfolio company

Read more about how to add industry/ sector to a portfolio company

  • Initial vs. Follow Ons show you the split between initial and follow-on investments. Initial aggregates all first tickets together regardless of a company and Follow on aggregates all other tickets together regardless of a company. 

  • FX Split shows the breakdown of amounts invested in each currency.