How to edit valuation updates and funding round details?

Learn how to edit valuation updates and funding round information

To edit valuation updates and funding round details, you must be a VC admin or a VC member who has access to the fund to which your company is assigned. 

  • Navigate to the top bar and select APP -> then go to the left side menu and click the Investments page.
  • Whenever adding a new investment, Rundit asks for an Ownership / Valuation Update. To log the funding round details, make sure you tick YES to the question "Is this ownership / valuation update related to company’s funding round". At the next step, you're able to insert funding round information.

Screenshot 2023-06-15 at 14.38.17

  • To edit previously added state update (valuation update and funding round details), click the info icon next to a state update > edit
  • To add a new update, click the button Add Transaction at the top right of the screen or click the plus icon next to a company you want to add an investment to > Update ownership/ Fair Value
edit button.

Editing state update allows you to adjust:

  • Total number of shares outstanding
  • Price per share
  • Company post money valuation
  • Number of shares owned per each fund (and ownership)
  • Valuation method
  • Funding round details
  • Fair Value
  • Transaction notes and comments regarding the update