How to update company profile information?

Learn how to update company profile information.

To add/update the profile information of a portfolio company, you must be a VC admin or VC member with access to the fund your company is assigned to. Portfolio company members always have editing access to their company information. 

Import company information:

  • Navigate to the top bar and select Import -> Import company information
  • Generate and download an Excel template for selected companies
  • Once you have downloaded and filled the Excel template, start import by dragging and dropping the file on the upload area box
  • Start import and review the data to make sure it is correct
  • Save to finalise the import

Edit company information manually, company by company:

  • Navigate to the top bar and select Edit > Company information
  • You can edit your companies' name, legal name, company description, website, business ID, funding to date, address, city, country, and target regions.

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Please note that your portfolio may contain company profiles managed by the companies themselves (shared companies). Currently, you don't have the permission to edit or modify these companies' data.