How to navigate on the Rundit platform

This article will demonstrate how to get around on the platform.

Top navigation bar

At the top navigation bar, you can find:

  • APP - Opens up the left side menu and access to pages: 
      • Investments overview
      • Portfolio performance
      • Capital Allocation
      • Investments
      • Comments
      • Company reports
      • Find the list of your portfolio companies here
      • To open a company profile, click the company you want to display
  • EDIT
      • Edit/ add funds, Labels, Industries/ sectors, Users, Reporting template (Metrics), Reporting template (company report), Company information and Company Founders/ Management members. 
      • All data (.xlsx)
      • LP report (.xlsx)
      • Company KPIs (.xlsx)
      • Timeline chart
      • User settings
      • Organization settings
      • Currency & Exchange settings
      • Privacy and Security
      • Subscription
  • HELP (Support Center)
  • Notifications, Invitations, Find companies, LOGOUT

Note: In order to display the left side menu, make sure you are on the APP side of the platform.