How to add cross-fund investments?

Learn how to add investments to a company from multiple funds.

To add cross-fund investments, you must be a VC Admin or VC member who has access to those funds, plus you’re subscribing to Rundit VC Pro Plus

When you have multiple funds set up in your VC Pro Plus account, you can follow these steps to add investments from any fund into a company.

  • Navigate to the top bar and select APP > choose Investments from the left side menu > click Add Transaction at the top right of the screen.
  • Select a specific investment instrument that you’d like to add: Equity Investments, Convertible note or Other Investment.
  • Select a Target company that you want to add investments to. From there, you can enter all your investment transaction details, including the Fund from which you intend to add an investment to a company, Person responsible, Currency, Investment amount, Number of shares acquired
  • Click Next to provide Additional Information about your investment. Then continue with the Ownership/valuation update. From here, insert the amount of fully diluted shares to Total number of shares in the company. Rundit calculates the Company Post-Money Valuation based on the total number of shares in the company and price per share. The ownership per fund is calculated based on the total number of shares owned by that fund and the total number of shares in the company.
  • Click Add transaction to finish this step.

Once you’ve entered your investment data for your companies, all the calculations and summaries throughout the platform are automatically updated. You can see your holdings and fund returns for each fund individually, but also see your performance across all funds. 

If you want to dive into more detailed guides for each instrument, please refer to these articles: