Set up your funds

Learn how to add and edit your funds in Rundit

Add a new fund:

  • Click EDIT at the top navigation bar and choose Funds.
  • Hit the ADD FUND button to add a new fund. Name the fund and press save. 

Update fund name

  • Click the three dots icon next to the fund you want to edit -> edit fund -> rename the fund and press save.

Edit funds for portfolio companies

  • Navigate to COMPANIES at the top navigation bar
  • Click the three dots next to a company and choose Edit funds
  • Update funds for the company. You cannot remove a company from a fund if the fund already has transactions to the company. 
  • Note: Once moved to another fund, all the templates are updated as well. If the company has users on the platform, they will be notified on all the changes to their template.

Please note that multiple funds is a Rundit VC Pro PLUS feature. You are not allowed to create new funds while you are on a trial. If you want to test adding multiple funds while on a trial, please contact