Set up the Metrics Reporting template

This article will demonstrate how to set up the metrics reporting template for your portfolio companies

  • Navigate to the top bar, click EDIT and choose Reporting template - Metrics
  • You can see a template, initially consisting of default metrics. Under the “Applied to” column you can see whether the metric is applied to all companies or specific companies. 

Edit metric in the template:

  • Click the three dots next to a metric and select Edit Metric. You're able to change which companies the metric is applied to, include a forecast row to the metric or adjust the metric information (only available for custom metrics).

Delete metric from the template:

  • Click the three dots next to a metric to delete it from the template.
  • In order to delete the metric from specific companies, select from the company drop down which companies you’d like the metric to have > tick off the ones that you don’t want the metric to be applied to. 

Add new metric to the template:

  • Add metrics to the template by clicking on “Add metric to the template” - button.
    • Choose from our hundreds of predefined metrics (these are available for all Rundit users, and can’t be modified)
    • Or create a custom metric by writing a metric name in demand to the “metric name” field, followed by clicking a pop up saying “+ create custom metric”. You can include a forecast row for each metric by ticking the box “Include forecast row”.

Reorder the metrics:

  • You can re-order the metrics on the metric tables by dragging and dropping the metrics on the template.