How to use other investment instrument?

Learn how to use other investment instrument 


To add investments to a portfolio company, you must be a VC admin or a VC member who has access to the fund to which your company is assigned. 

You can use Other investment instrument whenever you invested in a company but didn’t use a convertible note or didn’t acquire equity. 

  • Navigate to the top menu and choose APP -> then select INVESTMENTS from the left side menu
  • Hit the button Add Transaction at the top right of the screen or click the plus icon next to a company you want to add an investment to.
  • Select Other investment.
    • Name the investment as you wish
    • Add the transaction date, currency and investment amount.
  • At the additional information step you’re able to provide details about the investment rationale and write any notes and comments related to the investment. 
  • Finalize the adding the transaction by filling out the valuation step and details about the funding round.