How to turn on Multi-Factor Authentication?

Learn how to turn on MFA for your VC Group

  • VC admin user can adjust VC group's MFA settings to turn on extra security for your account.
  • Once the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is turned on, logging in to Rundit requires verification using a one-time code sent to your email address. 

To turn on Multi-Factor Authentication for your whole team:

Navigate to Settings from the top bar and choose Privacy & Security -> tick off the box “Require users to use multi-factor authentication”. 

  • You can only enable or disable MFA for the entire VC group but not a single VC user.
  • After too many invalid passwords or MFA codes, your account will be locked for 5 minutes.
  • Make sure to also check your Spam folder for the MFA one-time code. If you still can't see it from your email, please contact Rundit support. There's an option to forget all the devices so the next time you log in, MFA code will be asked again.