How to comment on portfolio performance and share the comment with my internal team?

Learn how to add an internal comment to a portfolio company and share it with your internal team.

To add an internal comment to a portfolio company, you must be a VC admin or a VC member with access to the fund to which your company is assigned. 

Commenting on a portfolio company’s performance enables investors to flag any crucial issues or milestones from that portfolio company. This type of comment can be interpreted as an internal comment to be seen by VC admin or VC member who manages that fund. Your portfolio company would not be able to see it.

Please note that if you want to add a comment to the company report, please see this article Comment on company report.

  • Navigate to the left of your screen, select Portfolio Companies, pick the company that you wish to leave an internal comment.
  • Select Comments tab >  New Comment button.
  • Choose Internal Comment as your Comment type. You can now set who is the Author of this comment, draft your comment, and assign this comment a tag
  • Click Add Comment button. 

When all these steps are done, your comment will be saved in this Internal Comments tab (Comments -> Internal Comments) and you’ll be able to re-check, modify or delete your comments at any time.

Pro tip: You can filter your internal comments by the comment tags or author.