How to compare portfolio companies’ performance?

Learn how to compare your portfolio companies’ performance

  • Navigate to the top bar and select APP
  • On the left side menu, choose Portfolio Performance
    • You can find separate tabs for Company KPIs, Growth Analysis and Company Comparison.
    • You'll also find tabs for Activity log and Reporting Status

1. The KPIs table allows you to include all portfolio companies and all their KPIs (under selected fund) in the same table.

  • Click the settings icon to select which KPIs you'd like to be included in the table and choose the time period above from the dropdown above the table. 
  • Portfolio company KPIs are fetched from each company’s KPI table.

2. Growth Analysis table efficiently compares percentage changes within the selected time period per KPI. Make sure you have the “compare periods” box above the table ticked, select the KPI you want to display and a time period for comparison (Months/ Quarters/ Years). 

3. With the Company Comparison chart you can easily visualize the split between your companies' performance for selected KPIs over a chosen time period. 

4. In the Activity Log you can view all the activities made from portfolio level listed explicitly. 

5. Reporting Status is a shortcut for you to have an overview of which companies have or haven't finalized reporting without having to scroll over reports and KPI tables.