How to add realization?

Learn how to add realization

To add investments or realizations to a portfolio company, you must be a VC admin or a VC member who has access to the fund to which your company is assigned. 

  • Navigate to the top bar and select APP -> then go to the left side menu and click the Investments page.
  • Hit the button Add Transaction at the top right of the screen or click the plus icon next to a company you want to add realization to. Under Add Realization you have multiple options: Dividend, Exit/ Partial Exit, Insolvency or Other Realization. 
    • Dividend refers to a reward, cash or otherwise, that a company gives to its shareholders. With the dividend instrument in Rundit you’re able to receive dividends as payments, based on the number of shares you own and amount paid per share.
    • Exit/ Partial Exit allows you to exit or partially exit the company by selling your shares in that company. You can choose from the following exit types: Trade sale, IPO, Auction, Limited Auction, Proprietary or Other. Fill out the information on the exit valuation, followed  by details on payment days. You can select multiple payment dates. Write any additional comments and update the post transaction state.
    • Insolvency is a state of financial distress in which a company is unable to pay its bills. When adding an insolvency transaction in Rundit, you can select whether you exited the company with zero value or positive value. 

With Other Realization instrument in Rundit, you’re able to add received payments. Name the realization as you wish and fill in the amount received.