How to add comments to LP report?

Learn how to add a comment to a portfolio company and share it with your Limited Parters via LP report.

LP report comment is the comment given to a specific portfolio company during a certain time period and is shared with LPs via LP report. 

To add an LP report comment to a portfolio company, you must be a VC admin or VC member with access to the fund to which your company is assigned.

1. Add comment to a Portfolio company

  • Navigate to the left of your screen and select Portfolio Companies, pick the company that you wish to leave an internal comment.
  • Select Comments tab > New Comment button.
  • Choose LP Report Comment as your Comment type. Next, you can set who is the Author of this comment and draft your comment. 
  • Click Add Comment button to finish.


When all these steps are done, your comment will be saved in this LP Report Comments tab (Comments -> LP Report Comments) and you’ll be able to re-check, modify or delete your comments at any time. You can filter your LP report comments by Company name, Author and Target time period.

2. Share your comment on Portfolio company with LPs

To share these comments with your LPs, you need to export an LP report.

  • Select Export Data in the top right corner
  • Choose LP report, your comments will be populated into this report.
  • Download this report and send it to your LPs to share crucial updates with them. For more information, please refer to this article How to export LP report?

Export Data