How can I upgrade my subscription plan?

This article will tell you how to upgrade your plan if you’re on trial or subscribing to Rundit VC Lite plan.

Note: You must be an admin for the respective VC account in order to upgrade your plan.

Here are the steps to upgrade your account:

  1. Navigate to Settings at the top bar > Subscription. From here, you can see which Rundit plan you are subscribing to :
    1. Rundit VC Pro Trial
    2. Rundit VC Lite.
  2.  Click on Upgrade > choose the Number of funds that you want to manage in Rundit
  3. Select your Payment frequency to be monthly or annually
  4. Enter your Invoice email
  5. Next, hit Accept Payment button
  6. Our support team will reach out to you for the next steps. 

Learn more about these steps:

  • Alternatively, you can select Talk to sales or simply reach out to us via the chat or via email at, our team is happy to assist with your decision. 
  • For more information about our pricing, please visit our Pricing page