Add portfolio companies

Learn how to add companies to your portfolio and how to invite portfolio company members to Rundit

In case you’ve just started using Rundit, you can see a list of demo companies in the companies page. Once you add your first own company to your portfolio, the demo companies will automatically disappear.

Add companies

    1. Navigate to the top bar and choose COMPANIES > click ADD COMPANY button.
    2. Write the name of the company and assign fund(s).
    3. Choose account type: Private or Shared.
      1. When creating a private company (recommended, check Pro tips below), you’re able to Manage the company internally, write reports and adjust company profiles as you wish. You can still invite the actual company members to claim the company profile at any point of time (Portfolio -> Navigate to the company profile  -> Settings -tab). 
      2. Creating a shared company means you'd invite the company member to Rundit to report to you right away (or connect with them if they are already registered to Rundit).

You can add multiple companies by clicking +ADD ANOTHER COMPANY at the bottom of the page. When you're done, click ADD COMPANIES button to save your additions. 

You can see if the company is already using Rundit when typing the name of the company in the name field after pressing ADD COMPANY.

  • If the company is already registered on the platform, it will show up with a partially hidden email address. Select the company you want to connect with > press CONNECT. Alternatively you can create another, private company.
  • After the company accepts the connection request, you will have access to the company profile and their reports.


  • The companies that you have created and managing internally are called private companies.
  • Shared companies are companies claimed by the actual company members through your invitation/ companies that have intially created their own account and then connected with you.

Pro tips:

👉🏻 We highly recommend adding the companies yourself first, set up reporting templates for them and add some information to the company profiles.

Then, invite the entrepreneurs to claim the company profiles and start reporting to you (COMPANIES -> Select the company you want to invite -> Settings -tab). It is less work for the companies to get started if everything has been set up for them already.